What is Tennix

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, it's easy to overlook the importance of face-to-face social connections. This is why we have created a social network driven by the common love of racquet sports.

Join a healthy more active community where people connect, interact and earn rewards from playing the sports they love, together.

Our vision

Our vision is to bring traditional racket sports into the new digital era by creating a social networking platform, connecting players, coaches, and facilities around the globe.

Bringing traditional racquet sports

into the new digital era

Tennix features

The Tennix platform is designed to be a resource for all community members. We offer traditional social networking, along with unique features and tools specifically aimed towards racquet sports.

Free features
  • Social newsfeed
  • Player profile
  • Post content
  • Find players
  • Find coaches
  • Find facilities
  • Marketplace
Premium player features
  • Play-to-Earn
  • Organize-to-Earn
  • Exclusive NFT rewards
  • Player rating
  • Training journal
  • Create/ Enter tournaments
  • Attend exclusive events
Premium coach features
  • Coach-to-Earn
  • Organize-to-Earn
  • Exclusive NFT rewards
  • Connect to player journal
  • Create tournaments
  • Attend exclusive events


Wherever you are! Find other members of the Tennix community around the world. Expand your social circle, network professionally and enjoy yourself at the same time.


Game on! Match the perfect partner and play either socially or competitively. Schedule a game at your mutual convenience and build relationships in the process.


Cash in! Explore exciting opportunities to earn Tennix tokens. Our 'Play-to-Earn', 'Coach-to-Earn' and 'Organize-to-Earn' features allow you to earn by playing matches, taking part in tournaments, coaching others to improve their game and organising events for the Tennix community.


Treat yourself! Spend your hard earned tokens on a range of products and experiences in the Tennix Marketplace.


Grow your collection! We are excited to announce that NFTs will be available to premium members in the form of achievements, membership and purchases.


Certificates representing player's Tennix achievements:

  • Rating increase
  • Achievements
  • Tournament winners

Annual membership sign-ups have the option to purchase an NFT, making their membership transferable:

  • Members can resell or transfer membership with NFT only
  • 10% yearly membership will be airdropped to the wallet holder in Tennix tokens
  • Exclusive collection NFT offered to Tennix members

Available purchases and exclusive rewards:

  • Tournaments tickets
  • Merchandise
  • Meet and greets
  • Tennix tokens

Token specifications



Total supply


Liquidity fee

Marketing fee

Tennix token utilities

Book / Hire facilities

Compete in match play

Tennix achievements

Host matches / tournaments

Buy coaching sessions / packages

Deliver coaching sessions / packages

Compete in Tennix tournaments


  • 3% Private A (KOL, Influencers)
    150,000,000 tokens

  • 5% Private B (Strategic partners)
    250,000,000 tokens

  • 10% Private C (Private sale)
    500,000,000 tokens

  • 5% Public Round
    250,000,000 tokens

  • 2% Round D (IDO platforms)
    100,000,000 tokens

  • 5% Liquidity pool (Burn LP tokens)
    250,000,000 tokens

  • 12% Team (2 years lock up)
    600,000,000 tokens

  • 3% Advisors
    150,000,000 tokens

  • 20% Marketing
    1,000,000,000 tokens

  • 10% Development
    500,000,000 tokens

  • 25% Company reserve (Lock-up 12 months)
    1,250,000,000 tokens

Tennix timeline

  • November 2022
    Whitepaper & Litepaper

  • December 2022
    Private sale

  • January 2023

  • February 2023
    Public sale

  • March 2023
    Token listing on DEX, Binance & Pancake Swap

  • April 2023
    Development of Application/ Website

  • August 2023
    Official launch in Singapore *MVP Beta Testing

  • October 2023
    Application launch on iOS & Android

  • November 2023
    Global launch

  • December 2023
    NFT launch

Meet the team

Hafiq Khan


Tech entrepreneur with 6 years of experience in the industry partnering with both local and global companies, such as ST Engineering, GovTech, A*Star and Cisco.

Jonathan Disley


Tennis professional with 12 years of coaching experience in the UK, US and Singapore, working with players from beginner to national level. Jon trained as a full-time student of the Nick Bollettieri tennis academy and has competed in both the division 1, US and UK collegiate systems.

Derick Lim

Technology Strategist

Derek Lim has over 30 years of work experience in industrial & product design fields. Today he is the Managing Director of a Dutch design agency and development powerhouse called We Are Perspective Pte Ltd, in Singapore.

Adelynn Wong

Creative Designer

Adelynn wong is a visual artist working at the intersection of art and visual communication. She strives to create impactful conceptual designs that are timeless and artistic.

Olivier Burlot

Media Specialist

Olivier Burlot founded Heart Media in 1997, since then it now has over 16 websites and 20 publications worldwide. Heart Media has rapidly progressed from a pure print business to digital, to high-end events, and to blockchain in 2017 with the launch of crypto-affluent platform ADITUS.

Jacob Pouncey

Blockchain Strategist

Jacob Pouncey is a Blockchain Strategist with 10 years of experience, well versed on both the Tradfi and Layer-1 sides of the industry. Having worked at Saxo Bank and Tezos previously, he now leads projects at 2MR Labs – Southeast Asia’s first Web3 launchpad.

Eric Alexander

Blockchain Specialist

Worldwide crypto market analyst and blockchain expert with 7 years of experience. Eric is the Ikon Media Executive Director, Founder of Jetcoin and Advisor of multiple successful blockchain crypto projects.

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